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Evil has a lot of faces
It searches for small fissure to spread into your heart.

I appeal for higher mercy
Cause only with light we can dispel the dark.

Evil use so many ways to
To catch your opinion and get into your mind.

It’s easy to sell the soul to Satan
Cause long road to hell starts with the first petty lie.

And shadows roam the world
Thins out brother’s knot
On piece of white paper you burn one more hope…

You keep your faces smiled but soul within cries,
Last fire goes out into your palms.

Evil offers easy fortune
Exchanging short life on everlasting soul.

I appeal for higher wisdom
To show us real meaning of things in this world.

Evil has the hands of lover
But murderer’s heart always hides deep within.

Art first you feel joy, then horror
Cause taste of the carrion leaves kiss on your lips.

Run away but with first ray of sun the darkness will recede,
Run away but all your sins you’ll keep for next day deep within.

Run away.
Категорія: Мои статьи | Додав: Alaar (05 Жовтня 2010)
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